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* Is the TV destroying the environment?

* In last winter’s newsletter we asked ‘Is there a Child Abuse Cover-up at the BBC?’ Now we know there was.

* The television as the big polluter and deceiver.

* How the Television has destroyed the spiritual and moral environment

* The Crusade of Prayer versus the Cult of Celebrity


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BBC’s Culture of Death propaganda (update 28 June 2011)

We call on pro-Life campaigners to give up the TV and stop funding the BBC.

Sir Terry Pratchett’s ‘Choosing to die’ documentary on 13 June 2011 was designed to put pressure on legislators to change the law and allow assisted suicide in Britain. The BBC has done this type of interventionist programming before most notoriously with abortion. ‘Choosing to die’ had Sir Terry Pratchett, who is as pro-euthanasia as they come, flying to Switzerland with a Motor Neurone Disease patient and sat with him while he committed suicide in the creepy Dignitas clinic. There have been many protests about this programme but as usual to no avail.

The is only one way to stop the BBC’s promotion of the Culture of Death is to STOP PAYING THE LICENCE FEE.

We are not suggesting that people watch TV and not pay the licence we say throw the TV out! Therefore deprive the BBC of funds and influence.


CUT's winter 2011/12campaign is to make parents aware of the damage being done to children by the TV and video games

Les Dams D'TV

Be careful what you let your children see
for what they see they may be

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St Michael

We ask for your prayers for organisations like the Huffington Post one of the biggest blogs in the English language and other organisations who regularly attack the Catholic Church.

We ask all our members and anyone who wishes to join us in prayer to pray for all the misguided people who inspired by the mainstream media use social networking sites to attack the Church.

Bishop Mark Davies has described the climate in Britain for Christians as a Gathering Storm, and he says we must not fail to head the repeated words of Our Lord in the Gospel, "stay awake..... "and stand ready..... (Mt 24: 42,44)

See also - A Hermit says Mass Alone with the Angels


For media studies and comment and from a Catholic point of view please see our new blog

Clear Vision - Catholics and the Media

Latest Posts:

LGBT totalitarianism - now they have English Football

Who cares? Why care? - BBC's transgender agenda

Good-bye Hugh Hefner

Whitewashing the Black Bloc - liberal media and the Antifa

BBC's Islamophilia

The Multi-Level Child Abuse at the BBC

RTE's support for Abortion

St Peter damian and the Book of Gomorrah

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The BBC and No Popery in a digital age

Way to Go

De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae

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Gay Marriage and Satan's Useful Idiots


 Dominic Casey in Dublin

CUT Ireland

Alan Marr and his own unique take on the media

People who attack Christianity have a profound lack of humour

Allowing Conscientious Objections is the Hallmark of a Civilised Society

Our own sitcom - The Moral Haze

Martian Reflections


Fr David Jones

Sermon on RTE and demonic influences

Fr. David Jones - 18th March 2013, Cenacle Mass, sermon Just how bad is RTE and Irish television?

The balance on earth between good and evil has shifted, see Fr Jones on Spiritual Combat

The internet is not indeferent the TV has deteriorated, song lyrics are explicit and how rare are good films. 14 January 2013 - Cenacle Mass, Fishers of men

Cenacle Mass sermon on the media the TV and the Apocalypse and a retreat at Fatima with priests, exorcists and an Archbishop concerned with today's appalling manifestations of Satan."There is a huge battle going on and we see only the tip of the iceburge"

A Hermit says Mass Alone with the Angels

A talk on the media Maturity and the Media



New Archbishop of Glasgow speaks out but he is attacked because he also points out the dangerous and life threatening affects of a homosexual lifestyle. CUT says the archbishop is only being compassionate and caring to point these dangers out.



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See the Rt Rev Mark Davies Bishop of Shrewsbury's excellent homily against 'Gay' Marriage.

CUT is supporting this petition against 'Gay' Marriage: 电脑上搭梯子

CUT asks:

What are the implications of 'Gay' Marriage regarding bisexuals?

Click here

C U T and non Catholics

We have received many expressions of support from other Christians.

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We believe that the television changes people's values and beliefs, and lead many away from Jesus.

Therefore, we encourage Catholics to give up the TV and get a life.

St Michael

St Padre Pio - described the TV as Satan's Tabernacle

St Elizabeth Seton - in the early 1800's she reputedly had a prophetic vision of the twentieth century in which she saw a black box from which Satan would enter peoples' homes.

Who are CUT (Catholics Unplug your Televisions)?

We are mainly a group of lay British Catholics (although we do have supporters on three continents).

Contact us for free newslettes to distribute

(c) copyright, CUT (Catholics Unplug your Televisions)


Media Alert


We have long tried to point out to faithful Catholics how much the BBC has promoted the Culture of Death. However, see for yourself click on the link above The BBC and the IPPF and this will lead you to the BBC’s Sexwise website. This website in-conjunction with BBC World Service gives the BBC's version of sex education to the world. The IPPF is one of the world’s leading abortion providers.

We urge all Catholics and other Christians to unplug your televisions and not watch broadcast TV. Therefore, you do not need to pay licence fee and fund a television corporation that has a partnership with the IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation).

The 20th Crusade of Prayer


The Feast of St Michael the Archangel 2016


BBC's Islamification

The daily prayer of a Prayer Crusader

O glorious St ...(insert your saint here)... pray for us

And for those in the public sphere
Especially those influenced by Satan's lies
May the Lord touch their hearts and bring them to repent.

And walk upon the path of truth and temperance.

O Subjects of the heavenly realm pray also for all led astray.

Pray especially that the there may be a stop to the continued Islamification of the BBC

And pray for me, a sinner


Hail Mary

Glory Be

St. Michael, the archangel defend us in the day of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the Devil,

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host.

By the power of God

Thrust down to hell Satan and all wicked Spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.


The Work of a Prayer Crusader

Prayer Crusaders engage in spiritual combat to counter the media, the Cult of Celebrity, and their often bad influence.

If you have a favourite saint please let us know and we will send you a prayer card with your saint on it (or we can allocate a saint that has not been taken).

Ask your saint to intercede before the Holy Trinity for the souls of celebrities who are in the news and whose influence may lead many away for Christ.

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To read more about becoming a Prayer Crusader and Adopting a Celebrity, please click Here

Or email: clearvisioncatholics@gmail.com

Prayer Shield left

Contact us at:

Or email: clearvisioncatholics@gmail.com


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We have members in 9 countries and on 3 continents. CUT also has priests and nuns as members. We have also had many messages of support from bishops and Cardinals.

Our rule is to be completely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church we believe it is difficult to reconcile these teachings with what is transmitted on the television.

Our studies have concluded that the TV and other screen based media can cause violence in society and sexulise children

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CUT - under the patronage of Our Lady, Mother of Good Counsel and St Michael the Archangel

We are currently engaged in our Ninth Prayer Crusade. We pray that all children will be preserved from the harmful effects of the screen media. Remember we are at war but we save lives.

Spiritual Combat
Prayer Crusaders and supporters of CUT need to arm themselves. There are many pro-Life organisations and Catholic charities that do excellent and very necessary work.  However, there are very few that take on the media and the television. CUT does this from a Catholic point of view and the Devil does not like this and will put obstacles in our way. There is therefore the possibility that you may come under supernatural attack, you may think that you are simply having a spell of ‘bad luck’ or inexplicable obstacles are being put in the way of your Crusade of Prayer and CUT work. Therefore, you will need to arm yourself by prayer, saying the Rosary, going to confession, being in a state of grace, and making a good Holy Communion.  If you are able, fasting is also a very powerful weapon for good. Our Guardian Angels are there to help protect us; do not forget them, and pray to them. Your intercessor saint or spiritual ‘battle buddy’ as we like to call them is part of your armoury.  You may also have a blessed if you wish.

CUT's only rule is that we are completely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church

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TV Culture of Death

TV and Health Risks

The BBC and the Culture of Death

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What is the real reason why the BBC are gunning for the Barclay Brothers?

Time to pay £185,000 Compensation to all BBC victims

The media and politicians prepare to undermine the family

The 'tsunami of filth' has damaged the BBC, says chairman of the BBC trust Lord Patten

Panorama programme on Jimmy Savile - Civil War at the BBC or just a ruse?

Are Children safe at the BBC?

Child Abuse 'cover-up' at the BBC

Maturity and the Media - A Hermit reflects

Suicides among the disabled are rising due to the liberal media

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Dr Who is back – Intergalactic camp V’s the Nazis

The BBC, the Olympics, Euro-2012, and all that

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What Mark Thompson did for Catholics

The TV is not good for Children's Health

Martin Luther's legacy 500 years of Heresy

Nazism, Same-Sex 'Marriage' and Halloween




<1--EWTN Live Element-->


The Message of Fatima

The Inquisition

The Crusades

An Aide Memoire of Spiritual Combat

A hermit-priest on the Silence of Solitude

Spiritual combat

And the Crusade of Prayer 

Stop the BBC killing Western Culture, defund them. See our latest campaign

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