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We've implemented health and hygiene procedures so that everyone can safely shop as soon as we're allowed to open on Monday. Just a few quick guidelines:

  • Everyone over the age of 2 - wear a mask, please!
  • 50% store capacity, and browsing for 10-15 minutes.
  • Please practice social distancing, and supervise your kids - no sitting or reading.
  • Limit touching books as much as possible - our staff can help you out if you need!

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1111 8th Av. Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Seven days a week from 11-6pm
email megan@powerhousearena.com for recommendations and special orders

28 Adams St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 - Seven days a week from 10-6pm
email 蚂蚁vp(永久免费) for recommendations and special orders

Thank you!!
- Daniel & Susanne & Chris & Megan & Nick & Brittany


The latest from powerHouse Books!  OUR VOICES, OUR STREETS: AMERICAN PROTESTS 2001-2011 by Kevin Bubriski is availble now - 50% of proceeds go to THE BAIL PROJECT!






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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve finally arrived in the modern, post(ish)-pandemic era: our Brooklyn indie stores in Dumbo and south Park Slope—POWERHOUSE Arena and POWERHOUSE on 8th—can now ship any book or bookstore item from the source directly to your door. Powered by IndieCommerce, please welcome www.lawintex.com.

We're a small family-run business, and have been stubbornly proud of our sole focus on the curated shopping experience, the engaging and thought-provoking programming, and slightly idiosyncratic way we’ve gone about bringing a bookstore into the areas of Brooklyn that have played important roles in our lives: Dumbo and Park Slope.

But Covid-19 has changed everything, and like all of you we do not know how, when, or even if things will return to the way they used to be. The future? Maybe it will be masks and gloves and 50% capacity.  Maybe it will be by appointment.  But one thing for sure: online is where lives will be going, for better or for worse.

With that acceptance, we decided to bring a new capability to our approach to books and gifts, and we think this is a good 1.0 start. A lot of hard work has been done by our small bookseller and design team to get this new venture ready over the past few weeks: now you can use this IndieCommerce-powered site to order any book or gift item your heart desires, for you or for any loved  one—or even moderately tolerated person—anywhere in the world, by mail or by pickup.

We will be bringing our own curated items to this site regularly, so we hope you will stick with us; we appreciate your business and we will be here as long as you are here. 

With fortitude and grace,
Susanne & Daniel


All gift certificates can be redeemed online or in-store!





Race & Social Justice for Kids
We know that parents might be struggling to figure out how to have these important discussions with their kids. We've compiled some recommendations of Anti-Racist books for kids from board books up to YA fiction and nonfiction.

As protests break out in New York City, in Brooklyn, and across the country in response to continued police violence against Black people in America, it is more important than ever that Non-Black people, especially white Americans, educate ourselves about the continued, systemic problem of racism in America.

Kids Books & Gifts
The best of kids books - be it picture books, middle grade, YA novels or beautifully illustrated educative books – all hand-curated by our kids book buyer.

Staff Picks
All the greatest books, according to our knowledgeable and well-read staffers. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, kids' books and more!

The best of our artbook publishing house—photography, documentary, pop culture, business, fashion, and celebrity books.

Our own kids book publishing imprint offers books for young children that are visually striking, imaginative, funny, diverse, and have an offbeat or edgy sensibility.
Recent and classic verse from new and legendary poets alike.

Cookbook & Lifestyle
The best in new cookbooks (for food and cocktails!), lifestyle & home design.

Art & Design
Typography, graphic design, product design, street art and more!

Self Help
Dive into our selection of books on mindfulness, healthy living, family life, and more!